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Monday, October 4, 2010

OMG (or Holy Harvest Inspiration!!)

Ok Ok - I know that it's been a week and a half since I posted. Apologies but life got in the way!

Anyway, while reading one of my favorite blogs, I saw this posting a few days ago.

Here's the scoop - this family lives on 1/5 of an acre (a rather typical city lot size...its 66ft x 132ft) in Pasedena, California. Getting rid of their house, garage, driveway, patio, etc, they have about 1/10 of an acre left.

Thats 4356 sq ft.

66ft x 66ft.


They garden it all.

If you get rid of the walkways and such, there are actually 3900 sq ft left to grow plants. 3900 sq ft. 50 x 78 ft. It's so tiny!!! Here's how the garden looks:

Here's the thing, though...they call their little piece of the world an urban homestead and they maximise it's potential so much that they have peaked at 6000 pounds of fruits and vegetables harvested in a year!!!

For the last few years, they have hovered at around 5000 pounds... ...but the post that just went up tallied their harvest this year at 5500 pounds...and they still have 3 months to go!!

I am sooooooo envious :-)

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