A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 things...

First of all, here is an update from The Urban Homestead.

The Dervaes family lives in Pasedena, California and has, over the past few decades, transformed their 1/5 acre lot into an urban farm.

As unlikly as that seems, this family has managed, at their peak, to pull 6000 pounds of fruits and veggies from their 4350 sq ft garden. That's huge!!!

It seems as though there have been some doubts about their harvests. I, for one, have not a one! These 4 are completely committed to their lifestyle and to making their experiment work.

Each month, they post their bounty on their blog so that others may see how they are progressing. Here's the breakdown for this month:

October Harvest Totals
388 lbs Produce
6 Duck Eggs (molting season)
24 Chicken Eggs (molting season)

5,904 lbs Produce
131 lbs Honey
293 Duck Eggs
706 Chicken Eggs

So...they're already at 5900 pounds and they still have 2 months to go - UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I only wish that my green thumb were that good. I suppose that I have to keep in mind that this family has been at it A LOT longer than I have.

Second, an update on my AeroGarden. Here is a pic - this is after just 4 days!!

At this rate, we'll be eating salads by Thanksgiving!

Note: You may have noticed that the number of posts has slowed down quite a bit - not a lot going on here in Wisconsin now that it's fall. Remeber that over the winter, I'll be posting regularily about planning for next year's garden. I've been doing a lot of research into new methods and historical 'great gardens' and I can't wait to share it all. With the snow on the way, all we can do is dream of spring!!

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