A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Winter!!! It's Planning and Inspiration Time!

I can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last posted but the seasonal change and the holiday have left little time for writing...or gardening.

Today, though, marks the beginning of a winter journey that I hope will be inspiring as well as practical. From now until perhaps March, I plan to fill the blog with examples of successes, snapshots of the past, cutting edge movements, and planning options for the future.

To begin with, the Dervaes Family in California. They have successfully done what, conservativly stated, seems impossible. In their 4350 sq ft (that's 66ft by 66ft)garden, they have beaten their 2004 harvest record of 6200 lbs of fruits and veggies. As of November 30th, 2010, the Dervaes family has managed to produce 6396 lbs!!! Unbelievable! AND...THEY HAVE ONE MONTH TO GO THIS YEAR!!!

I can only hope to someday be that good!!

For now, I offer you the first installmment of what will be a two-week series on what was perhaps one of the golden ages of gardening - Victorian England. Take a look at the intro to this amazing experiment:

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