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Monday, December 13, 2010

Victorian Kitchen Garden - May

Winter is definately upon us!! Over the weekend, the midwest was hit first with a huge snowstorm (like 14+ inches in some places) and then with frigid temps (read: 8 degrees). Here are some pics...

After the snow

One frozen coldframe

Inside it's springtime

The thing is...the salad greens actually 'freeze' quite often. When the temps drop below 32 inside the frame, the greens do get frosty but they have a trick - they make antifreeze!! The cold-hearty plants in these frames produce sugars when the temps start falling that protect them from the cold. Then, when the sun come out, the frame heats up and the greens thaw out undamaged. It's a pretty neat process and the sugars make them pretty tasty too!!

On to the Victorian Kitchen Garden:

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