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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Really cool planning software #1

As I've been scouring countless resources, I've come across a really neat garden planning tool. It's offered through Gardener's Supply. They call it the Online Kitchen Garden Planner (hoe pwefect, right) and the site offers 12 pre-planned gardens as well as a small program that enables the user to custom plan a garden by choosing from over 45 plant varieties as well as a number of garden sizes. It took a bit of cutting and pasting but here is a sample layout of one portion of my kitchen garden:

This plan is actually so promising that I might just go with it!

One drawback of this planning software is that it doesn't allow for (or offer suggestions for) succession planting (planting a different crop later in the season after an earlier crop is done producing - i.e radishes in early spring followwed by tomatoes in summer followed by spinach in fall). You'd have to know what plants could be planted in succession and make several grid plans. Not impossible but a little more work.

Have fun planning and look for more soon...

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