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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harvest Wisdom

Tip (read: lesson learned) number 1 - if you are planting in order to harvest a little every day, you have to harvest a little every day!!! Here is what happens when someone decides to not check on the garden for 2 days:

Seriously?!?! How am I going to eat all of those in 1 day? The little plum tomatoes are from a plant called a 'Super 100' which produces like crazy!!! I think that it would work well in a farmer's market garden but for the home garden...you'd better have a whole family that is crazy about tomatoes.

The four slightly larger tomatoes at the top of the pic are Sheboygans. It's and interesting variety to me for a couple of reasons. First, it's been in Wisconsin for over 100 years. Being in Wisconsin myself, it seems a no-brainer to grow what has been proven locally. Second, it's an heirloom. I was having a conversation yesterday about heirlooms vs. hybrids. I am always torn because I know that hybrids are tougher against weather, more disease resistant, and often produce more but I always get hung up on the fact that in nature, a hybrid would not last longer than one season. In other words, no seed saving. Also, I think that it's kind of neat that heirlooms give a grower tremendous variety as opposed to the few hybrid varieties that are redily available. What do you think?

Anyway, here is another example of why a gardener has to be dilligent about checking growth and harvesting regularily.

What am I going to do with that monster?

Ok - here is a little more managable harvest:

Those ought to make a nice veggie next to a pork chop or chicken breast!

Also...it looks like we'll have potatoes soon. The plants are dead/dying so I pushed them all down inside the boxes and now will have to let the tubors rest for a week or two.

More to come on the harvest as well as the prep for the winter garden!

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