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Monday, August 2, 2010

Seeding for the Cold Months

Last week I mentioned that I seeded a mix of salad greens (mezclun, head lettuce, arugula, spinach) for fall. Because of the rabbit that I have spoken of before, I had to make some make-shift protection for the seedlings.

A simple window screen did the trick.

I also screened the 120 Napoli carrots that I planted.

These should be great for a winter harvest!

I also started these head lettuces:

I have them under the glass for protection from the weather that we've been having (i.e. lots of rain and flooding). I've got 11 heads of Winter Density and 11 heads of North Pole.

These lettuces will go in in the middle of September along with mixed salad greens that should, under coldframes, last most of the winter.

Watch for updates!

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