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Monday, February 28, 2011

2 weeks past...

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last put something up. I have really been noticing the changes as spring approaches:

A few days ago, a weather reporter mentioned that the average temperature was now 35 degrees!

I can really tell that the days are getting longer. All of the pics in this post were taken at 5:30pm. 6 weeks ago, it was completely dark out at 5:30!

As far as new is concerned, the past two weeks have been filled with both hope and let-down. During a warm spell (almost 50), almost all of the snow melted and I planted one of the coldframes. Then...winter returned :( Here it is outside

but here it is through the coldframe glass

It's hard to see but here are the plants that have been in there for just 2 weeks. They're doing pretty good!

And here are the salad greens that were over-wintered. These were planted last September!

I've been seeding a few plants each week so that I can be sure that the harvest is staggered. Here is three weeks worth

These have been growing for 2 weeks...

They'll go out in a second coldframe next weekend

These have been in for just 1 week and have 2 more weeks to go

It's amazing how little time gardening this way actually uses. Just a few plants at a time really spreads out the work!

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