A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Winter :( But thinking of Spring!!!

We had a snowstorm.

A big one.

Here's the pile that I had at the end of the driveway

That is the 4-foot mark that you're seeing on the tape measure!!

Like I said - big storm :)

After I dug out, though, I had to snap a picture of the wonderbox (i.e.the coldframe). It's a bit blurry 'cuz I didn't want to open it and let the heat out but It does indeed say 60 degrees!!!

This warm 'weather' in the frame helps me to think of spring. So does the latest post by the Dervaes family. They have a small photo shoot of their urban homestead here. Here's a teaser

To be lucky enough to have spring in February...I'm so jealous!!

I've got some pics of the peas and lettuce that I started 11 days ago. More on that tomorrow...

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