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Monday, February 14, 2011

Risky Business

Well...I can actually say it (as crazy as it sounds)...

I, on February 12th, here in the northern tundra, have started planting my garden!!!!!!!!

How can it be?

3 weeks ago I started seeds for pea and lettuce plants. Now, I've moved them into the coldframes. That's right - they're outside. In February. In Wisconsin.


First I had to clean out the last of the lettuces out of the frame

Pretty warm in there

Here is the layout. Notice the little white dots at the bottom of the picture - they're more peas

And here are all of the little plantlings on the ground ready to start getting big!!

The reason that I call this risky business is because the thought of planting in February in Wisconsin is just ludicrous.

The weather has warmed up though (yesterday was 49 degrees) and as long as it doesn't drop below about 18 degrees at night, the coldframes will keep the plants safe.

Keep your fingers crossed - this planting is 2 weeks earlier than last year!

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