A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Monday, February 28, 2011

2 weeks past...

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I last put something up. I have really been noticing the changes as spring approaches:

A few days ago, a weather reporter mentioned that the average temperature was now 35 degrees!

I can really tell that the days are getting longer. All of the pics in this post were taken at 5:30pm. 6 weeks ago, it was completely dark out at 5:30!

As far as new is concerned, the past two weeks have been filled with both hope and let-down. During a warm spell (almost 50), almost all of the snow melted and I planted one of the coldframes. Then...winter returned :( Here it is outside

but here it is through the coldframe glass

It's hard to see but here are the plants that have been in there for just 2 weeks. They're doing pretty good!

And here are the salad greens that were over-wintered. These were planted last September!

I've been seeding a few plants each week so that I can be sure that the harvest is staggered. Here is three weeks worth

These have been growing for 2 weeks...

They'll go out in a second coldframe next weekend

These have been in for just 1 week and have 2 more weeks to go

It's amazing how little time gardening this way actually uses. Just a few plants at a time really spreads out the work!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Risky Business

Well...I can actually say it (as crazy as it sounds)...

I, on February 12th, here in the northern tundra, have started planting my garden!!!!!!!!

How can it be?

3 weeks ago I started seeds for pea and lettuce plants. Now, I've moved them into the coldframes. That's right - they're outside. In February. In Wisconsin.


First I had to clean out the last of the lettuces out of the frame

Pretty warm in there

Here is the layout. Notice the little white dots at the bottom of the picture - they're more peas

And here are all of the little plantlings on the ground ready to start getting big!!

The reason that I call this risky business is because the thought of planting in February in Wisconsin is just ludicrous.

The weather has warmed up though (yesterday was 49 degrees) and as long as it doesn't drop below about 18 degrees at night, the coldframes will keep the plants safe.

Keep your fingers crossed - this planting is 2 weeks earlier than last year!

Friday, February 4, 2011

And They're Up

As promised, some pics of the peas and lettuce that I started 12 days ago:

Frame Peas

Romaine Lettuce

Second Round of Peas

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still Winter :( But thinking of Spring!!!

We had a snowstorm.

A big one.

Here's the pile that I had at the end of the driveway

That is the 4-foot mark that you're seeing on the tape measure!!

Like I said - big storm :)

After I dug out, though, I had to snap a picture of the wonderbox (i.e.the coldframe). It's a bit blurry 'cuz I didn't want to open it and let the heat out but It does indeed say 60 degrees!!!

This warm 'weather' in the frame helps me to think of spring. So does the latest post by the Dervaes family. They have a small photo shoot of their urban homestead here. Here's a teaser

To be lucky enough to have spring in February...I'm so jealous!!

I've got some pics of the peas and lettuce that I started 11 days ago. More on that tomorrow...