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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Hunt for the Elusive Zucchini

Zucchini are sneaky little buggers. They like to hide the fruits of their labors. I mean come on - how is anyone supposed to find anything in that?

Honestly - the thing is 5 feet tall with a 4 foot spread. Insane!!

If we peel back the layers...

... a tangled mess of shoots. Who can see anything in there?

Wait! Hold on...I might have spied the rare and wonderous creature.

YES - there it is :-)

I'm not quite sure if zucchini is a good fit for the kitchen garden since the plant itself takes up so much space but we love 'em! And check out the size:

That's way bigger than what you can find in the store. It's actually a problem sometimes. The plant get so huge and in the way that it hides the zucchini. Then, when it's the size of a baseball bat and you can actually see it in the middle of all of that growth it not only tastes a little 'more mature' than the young ones but also leaves you scratching your head as to what to do with the whole thing!

Another problem that I had both last year and this year is blossom end rot. It normally affects tomatoes but can also damage peppers, eggplant and squashes (like zucchini). Read more by clicking the link but get this...the cause of BER - calcium deficiency!!

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