A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Number One

Wow - I'm actually doing this!!! Let me start by saying that I wish now that I had begun this five months ago when I started this year's garden. So much has happened that now I will have to go back and find a way to squeeze it all in.

I suppose that the best place to begin is with right now. Why am I writing this and why now. I suppose I am writing it for two reasons.
First, I made a garden log for myself this year in M.S. Publisher and recently learned that my OpenSource Suite can't open .pub files. So...I will have to wait until the year is over to archive it as a pdf. If I blog about it everyday, though, I will always be able to go back through the records.
Second, I guess, is that phrase that teachers in elementary school would always say: 'If you have a question chances are so does someone else so don't be afraid to ask.' For me, I have found in the past months that if I experience something, other gardeners are quite interested in hearing about it. Since I tell them, why not tell everyone? Then, we can all learn from each other!

For now, I am not sure of how I will schedule posts other than one about every day. In the future I may have themes for different days but, for now, let's see how a daily record flows.

Know that I will always try to leave out non-gardening topics such as politics and religion but gardening opinions and lore may creep in occasionally.

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