A Journey to Grow a Little Food Close to Home

Monday, July 26, 2010


I thought that everything was going good with the garden until I caught a furry little creature nibbling.

I woke up this morning, looked out of my kitchen window and saw a rabbit happily sitting in my garden munching in my pea patch. When banging on the window did not phase him a bit, I ran outside waving my hands in a frenzy and chased him away. I was too late. however. My peas were nibbled.

Peas are not supposed to look like that.

They are supposed to look like this:

These peas are growing in another garden spot in the yard that the rabbit has not yet found. I guess I'll be putting up fencing all around the garden because once rabbits find a tasty spot, they keep coming back!

I'm so dissapointed :-(

One good thing, though. That close-up of the nibbled peas shows me that I really need to sift that soil - look at all of the pebbles!! Some peat might make it a little lighter too. When I prep the bed with double digging this fall, I'll be sifting rocks and adding peat!!

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