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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rain and Tomatoes

So...it rained last night.

A lot.

The news reported 2 inches in 20 minutes in some places. My rain guage told me that we recieved 4 inches! While good for the plants, I am afraid that I might have lost yet more lettuce :-(

While dodging the last of the drops this morning (yes, I had to go out and get my morning garden fix), I did find more tomatoes.

I'm actually really excited about the tomatoes because last year I got NO RIPE ONES!!! The plants were only able to muster the strength to produce gnarled mutant green blobs. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't hot enough.

This year, though, plenty hot!

I am noticing that the cooling effect of Lake Michigan is making it quite difficult to grow anything heat-loving. The peppers are doing OK because I put them next to a south-facing wall. Otherwise - no dice.

The cool plants, however, work WONDERFUL! How is your garden doing? Are you getting enough rain?

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